Freedom Fridays

#FreedomFriday on a Saturday –

Emekus, how market today?

Thank God, we dey do am! Emeka replies and continues whistling under his breath ♫Everything I do, na God win, say nah God win, yes nah God win o♫

This one wey you dey sing God win, alert don land?

“Osas, it is good to be thankful always, whether you make sales or not. You see, despite the harsh unsettled economy, we are pushing it daily and have life to celebrate.” Emeka, had a knack for reverting to using proper English whenever he wanted to be philosophical; for him it drives home the point easily.

“Look at that blind beggar by the market gate, he has to beg to survive. He doesn’t see the beauty of the clouds, neither the rage of the approaching storm. Yes, he can feel the sun, the rain, decide from the sounds of steps if to sit still or feel his way out of danger. Yet, he is always full of praise. Abeg, I think I have more reasons to be thankful” Emeka concluded.

“It is true Emekus, that blind man has been at that gate for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, right from when I was doing my apprenticeship with Papa Kevwe about 8 years ago.” Osas heaves a sigh and continues, “I wonder how he got blind.” Pensively, “what is his story?”

“Customer, you don come? Nah wetin you wan buy? I get better LG television wey you no need 3D glasses sef to watch am.”

“Emekus! Emekus!! The correct Ibo man with authentic electronics. I hail o. I no come buy anything today, nah the balance of the remaining money for that Iron wey I buy, nah im I bring.”

“Da alu, thank you. You are one of the few customers that keep to their words when it comes to payment. That’s why I can easily give you my electronics without second thoughts.” Emeka replies with gratitude, at the same time he touches his pointer with saliva, flips the notes one after the other as he counts to confirm the figure. “It’s N7,000.”

♫I don get alert, God win!♫ Osas sang out laughing.
“Bye bye customer, see you next week” Emeka shouts after the retreating back of his customer.

A distance away, the bell chimes signifying midday. By this, everyone by default knew what to do. The Catholics said their prayers, the Pentecostals quickly gathered by a designated area to sing choruses and preach of hell, heaven, adultery and fornication to all and sundry; whether you were in their group or not, their megaphone got to your doorsteps. In-between the prayers, people still sold their wares. Sadly, after all these ceremonies, some returned to buying and selling and telling of market lies about the true worth or use of a product. It seems the prayers did little or nothing to their lifestyles.

“Dem don start with this dem prayers. Man pikin no go hear word again!”
“Wetin the prayers dey do you, e dey pinch you for body? Abi you be winch?”
“If only they can cure common headaches with it, it would make a whole lot of difference”
“English master aka K-Leg, who ask you question?”
“Me as I dey so, nah dis withered hand I dey take hold body. When pepper drop, man use am gauge and pray for the next one. So therefore, make person hold him healing for that side, I no want. End of discussion.”

Patrick and John strolled towards the market discussing excitedly what they had read in the Bible about the power that believing in God gave them. “Babi ala, give me money. Babi ala, give me money” the one they called K-Leg called out after Patrick and John. As if it was planned, both of them stopped in their tracks and walked up to him. Hearing footsteps approaching, K-Leg began to sing ♫I have a God; He will never ever fail me. I have a Father; He will never ever fail me. Jesus is my Father, He will never ever fail me, Rock of Ages never ever fail♫ stretching out his bowl to receive money, his stomach rumbled to remind him he hadn’t eaten all day and was really very hungry. Still singing his usual lines, he heard them say something and while he was considering it, he felt a twitch in his torso as if his muscles were gaining strength. He couldn’t remember the last time he made use of those legs, he was born this way. This had been his identity, his cross.

As he reminiscence, he felt Patrick pull him up and he swayed to the opposite side but didn’t fall because for once in his life, his legs could support him. What joy! At last, he would leave the market gate and go register in a dance school. He had always loved music and dancing and since he couldn’t do both, he stuck to one – singing.

Rewind and he was back to reality. “Thank you! Thank you!!! God bless you. May God reward you abundantly…” was all he kept saying.

“You see wetin I just see so?”
“Wonders shall never cease!”
“Abeg abi nah, Patrick abi Pato be ya name, make you hol your healing for that side o! As you see me so, nah my daily bread be this o. No just let that your hand near me you hear.”
“You still dey here dey talk?! I no wan hear say nah accidental discharge the anointing come touch me, I don waka as we dey so. K-Leg, bye bye o!”

Acts 3:1-10

Words in Pidgin English:
1“Customer, welcome. What do you want to buy? I have a great LG television that does not require 3D glasses to view.”
2 I didn’t come to buy anything today, I brought the balance of the money for the pressing Iron I bought.”
3 “They have started with their prayers. Someone will not have peace anymore!”
4 “Why are you against prayers, how does it affect you negatively? Or are you a witch?”
5 “As I am, by this withered hand I make a living. When I receive money, I use it for food and pray for the next one. Therefore, anyone who wants to perform miracles, should not come towards me, I’m not interested. End of discussion.”
6 “Did you see what just happened?”
7 “Excuse me Mr-what-am-ma-call you, Patrick or Pato, please restrict your healing to that area! As you can see, this is my daily bread. Don’t let your hand touch me.”
8 “Are you still discussing this matter?! I don’t want to hear that I got healed by accident, I have relocated till he leaves. K-Leg, bye bye o!”

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Thankful Thursday

#ThankfulThursday on a Friday – Little Mercies

I’m still in a thankful mode…Surely you have sooooo many things to be thankful for. God is waiting for a little bit of gratitude from you, maximize the moment!

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Photo 101

Photo Rehab #13 – Beauty

I love beauty…whether it’s the way food is displayed or the eyes made up (I’m good at this one) wink or the little pieces you add to a dress to make it different, I just love the aesthetic abilities some people are gifted with and the manner with which they maximize it.

So, I went on a trip and as we stepped into the lobby of the hotel, I met this amazing light and decorative item on the side table. I hope they give you pleasure like they did me! And off to the #PhotoRehab Clinic I go!

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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Unless you are truly blind ( no insult to the visually impaired), by this I mean unless you are truly numb to any and everything happening around you – meaning you are dead – there is no way you will not find inspiration! It’s in the ‘silly’ conversation with a child or a joke, the inscription on a car or a billboard or in a serious conversation that involves intellectuals. It is always there.

Today I take my quote from the very BOOK, the Bible. Pardon me if you are not a fan, but I can’t help it. And it says…

Writer's Quote Wednesday_281015

And I’m thinking…that is pure undiluted truth, words of wisdom and inspiration hitting us right in the face. Man is likened to grass which will wither (sooner or later). You may be remembered, depending on the impact you made (positively or negatively) but to be remembered for a really long time…

WRITE IT DOWN and send it out!

Document what it is you want to share. Make it something that will not make you cringe if you were to wake up from the dead and read it or hear it. Shakespeare has been long gone. Dr. Myles Munroe has moved on, but the words they wrote, shared, are still being used daily – almost. Remember, “words create, send your words out with purpose.” That’s my creation to you today!

*Colleen is a bit busy this period but we wish her much grace as she moves and settles in. Check out what she’s been up to at #WQW

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Tuesday Thoughts

#TuesdayThoughts – Thankfulness

I’m just grateful!

Tuesday Thoughts_271015

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Lyrical Mondays

#LyricalMonday – Secret Pain

What do you do with yours? Just wondering…

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Freedom Fridays

#FreedomFriday – Out of Reach

Peering through the piles of CVs on her table with no one in particular in mind. “I’m sure he’s in there somewhere, someone who is good at his work,” she muses to herself and with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes she looks on. “I wonder why the MD keeps sending all these CVs to me, why can’t he just have one of his subordinates pick someone up and send to me?!” totally exasperated at the effort this activity requires.

“I don’t want to work with her again, she’s out rightly rude and seems to think she’s here for a fashion show rather than her job!”
“But her CV speaks otherwise, she’s worked with bigger organisation than ours,” he attempts to defend Beatrice; Kate’s PA.
“If she’s that good, so why did she get fired and come to us?”
“She wasn’t fired, Kate! She resigned because of sexual harassment and…”
Cutting him off mid-way, “So you brought her here Dave so she will satisfy yours abi?” Dave was too shocked to reply, so Kate continues as if on cue “Well, shebi, she’s my PA? I don’t want her again, get me another person!” And with that statement she turns her back to him.

That was 3 weeks ago. So this time, her husband pushed to her the work of picking a PA herself, that way he is at peace in the office and at home. Oh, the intrigues of working together…hmmm! So this time he ‘punished’ her with the search.

Picking it up, this sounds interesting, 27 years and already done with school. Skimming through the page to the HOBBY section, (she continues to read) plays the guitar, enjoys Gymnastics, Racing. I love this already, she thought to herself smiling. Turning towards the array of applications on her table, she shoves them right into the waste basket on her right, reclines into her comfortable chair, tapping the bottom of her pen against her dazzling white teeth she escapes to dream world…with a mischievous smile on her face.

A week later…
“Tell me Martyns, what was growing up in the village like for you?”
With bowed head, he replies, “I had fun Ma, it was the time of my life. With the natural habitat and so many game to chase. I…”
“Look at me when you address me Martyns”
Bowing his head in respect slightly, “I’m sorry Ma!”
“Well, that will be it for today. Report here tomorrow by 8:30am to meet with the HR Manager and get the modalities for your medicals sorted out. I need you to resume work ASAP. Did I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Ma’am. I appreciate your help and this opportunity to serve in this great establishment. I promise not to disappoint you in the fulfilment of my duties.”
“Wow, thank you! Let’s see how well you do then” Kate replies smiling sweetly at Martyns briefly and almost immediately puts the serious face back up…like a mask.

2 weeks later and a month later…
“I’ve tried severally and he just won’t budge. He’s so set in his primitive ways. No calling me by first name, no body contact whatsoever; no matter how I mistakenly try to brush past him. And it makes me want him more.” – Soliloquising with internal anguish – “How does one make it obvious that you want another, when you know it goes against everything right? I’m married for heaven’s sake, what is wrong with me?! Think straight Kate! Think!”

“Why not attempt it. Stolen water is sweet you know. No one will know, besides if you push hard enough, he’ll say yes, for all you know he is playing hard to get, so that you don’t think him cheap. Other boys are doing it and he knows they go without getting caught. Keep trying darling, he will be yours.” (The voice says to her)

“Why do I keep getting the feeling my madam is up to no good concerning me? I don’t like the sensual feeling and current that I get every time she comes around me. It is bad enough I had to leave home under the circumstances I left. Whether my parents are here or not, I will not forget what they have taught me about keeping myself. Besides, she is my Oga’s wife! 1If I wan marry, shebi I no see Makamba and Nkechi to make selection. Nah person property! Abeg o free me Madam Kate!” Martyns reasons to himself having just stepped out of Kate’s office.

And as he walks down the corridor to the pool office, he remembers the gist amongst the guys, he remembers how most of them dress better than their salary can afford because they are on the payroll of Sugar-mummies and it seems to be prevalent in the city. When they saw the shock on his face at their exploits, they laughed at him and called him JJC (Johnny Just Come or Johnny Come Lately). “Don’t worry, soon you will join us. 2We bin dey like you until kasala blow for our head! Dem no dey tell person dat kain thing.”

“Don’t listen to them, blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. Avoid every appearance of evil. Flee! What would your parents think about it?” (The voice said to him)

Stepping into his office just before 5:00pm, Kate addresses Martyns “I hope you know we are handing over the profile for the client tomorrow afternoon, so we need to finalise on the project.”
Trying to hide his disappointment at having to be left to himself to find his way home. Since resuming work, he has been joining some of his colleagues to reduce the burden on the cost of transportation. Living in Lagos is so difficult already and now this. “Yes Ma’am”, he replies. She walks out. “Sorry guys, duty calls!” he informs his colleagues.


Rushing out of her office, looking visibly upset at what just transpired, at the brazen boldness exhibited by his madam, Martyns hurriedly packed his knapsack and leaves the office. “Phew, thank God!!!!! Thank God, she didn’t succeed. I have to be very careful with this woman o!”

Next day…
“Guys, you won’t believe what happened yesterday!”
3“Wetin happen? You don come with ya bend bend tory”
“Madam tried…”
“MARTYNS!!!!” Dave thundered, “In my office immediately. HOW DARE YOU?!”

Everyone stares with shock from the MD to their colleague and back again. Others wished he had finished the gist before this interruption.

“I…I…I didn’t do…”
“Shut up your stinking mouth… to think that I trusted you with everything in my company”
Sobs and more sobs
“He tried but God saved me…”
These were the bits of voices that filtered from the MD’s office to the pool office, whose occupants were MD, Madam and Martyns and before the others could understand what was going on, “Patrick! Get me security immediately” the MD bellowed from the intercom.

Everyone watched as Martyns was dragged off out of the office by the security to the waiting Police van.

Genesis 39: 4 – 20

Words in Pidgin English:
1 If I was interested in getting married, I would have chosen either Makamba or Nkechi and not someone else’s property! Please allow me breathing space Madam Kate!”
2 We were like you until hard times come on us. No one will advise you when it is time.”
3 “What happened? You have come with one of your unusual stories”

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Thankful Thursday

#ThankfulThursday – Smiles

Looking forward to more smiles and another and yet another one in such a way that everyone around me starts to smile, even without knowing why.

Thankful Thursday_221015

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#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

I know Colleen missed me! I’m almost tempted to say she missed me more than I missed her. LOL! Good news is I’m back! It’s #WQW today, and before I went AWOL, I had promised her to do a quote that was Colleen-inspired.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_211015Further to one of my earlier quotes, Colleen said this and it was mind-blowing…I can bet you she didn’t even realised she had said something worth repeating. I will rehash it in our ears, as most of us need to be reminded that life will always offer us opportunities to exhibit our gifts. It is one thing to prepare for the time of your showing forth, another to be able to handle limelight and yet another to co-ordinate the times you are ‘just-you-without-the-cheering-maddening-crowd!’

But like Colleen encourages us, when you find the balance attached to your gifts, only then do you truly ENJOY that gift and become a gift to others. This is my gift to you today <3.

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Tuesday Thoughts

#TuesdayThoughts – Questions

Search the Scriptures!

Tuesday Thoughts_201015

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