I found out that when I’m overwhelmed with many-a-issue, I can’t open my mouth! YUP! When I’m upset, I can’t open my mouth either. I walk away, sing (so you are asking how she can sing when she’s not opening her mouth, I hum a sad song and to me, that’s singing) or write. Walking away, singing and writing helps me ease the tension a bit and eventually it goes away. That’s if all my concerned citizens ❀ would let me be πŸ™‚ . But you see, I’m surrounded by people who truly care about me and not having a smiling face at first sight, you can imagine the galaxies their minds go to when they see me upset. Sorry guys, I never meant to hurt you πŸ™‚

Well, today, I’ll be talking about talking.

I’m not doing a very good job yet, but its’ gotten a lot better. Did I get there on my own? No way! I have a good support system who seem to understand a bit of me. Each person understands a part of me and I think I have been able to compartmentalized each support into different groups, so when I need a listener, a shoulder, a critic, a mum, a dad, an adviser, a pointer I know who to call or ping and they do just that for me. Sometimes, I just don’t want to hear what any of them has to say because I already have an inkling what to expect. Even then, God knows how to send someone not in my team to say or BE what I need at that moment.

I’m thankful today that King is able to get me to talk even when I’m upset and yes sometimes I feel ‘silly’, as I want to enjoy my solitude and boil. But allowing him into my hot-tub space and letting his words and gentle approach thaw my ice and cool my heat is worth thanking God for.

You should try talking about it you know. There’s someone who has the right word for you or whose listening ear will give you the needed support. And if you can’t find that person, tell me and we will talk/pray it through. I hope you don’t mind, as I pray that works for you.

In-between, maybe one of the reasons I like writing a lot is because I’m actually talking via words on paper, in other words, EXPRESSING MYSELF!

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

She called herself a newbie, yet she has published quite a number of books, check her on And NO, I haven’t read any yet, but I read her comments on my last week’s quote and I just had to use her comment as my today’s quote. Help me welcome on board WQW, Francis Guenette! You should be there too you know. Colleen would be glad to receive you.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_220715

In a world where there is so much activity going on physically and in the spirit realm, it is easy to feel out of place when you are in a seeming inactive state. But like Fran mentioned in her quote above, WE NEED TO CELEBRATE OUR BREWING STAGE! It is the period where what you are creating takes shape, and finds the drive you need to ensure that the arrow hits the bulls eye.

Another lovely quote to motivate you today. So which point are you? Brewing or Creating or Finished work? Celebrate it!

Β© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved