Photo 101

Photography 101-Home

“Home is where the heart is.”

Yesterday’s assignment was to post a picture that reflects home. I could have posted a pix of where I live, my Heritage (children) or my room (oops). But thinking through it, many things reflect home and for me, a Yellow cab is easily recognised in Nigeria as Lagos (and that’s where I live at the moment) and the Gasoline station by the junction is a turn-off to my house. So everytime I see that sign, I know I’m home 🙂


Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

Joy, joy, God’s great joy
Joy, joy, down in my soul
Sweet beautiful soul saving joy
Oh joy, joy in my soul

Sang by Whitney Houston in The Preacher’s Wife

Tuesday Thoughts_041114
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A Personal Note

I always say that God keeps leaving people in my way to be the hand that gives the hug (when I need one), the shoulder for me to lean on, the one that gives a timely word to lift me above my pain. This is one of them and she wrote this years back in when I felt the world was on my shoulder. I kinda feel like that on and off and what a joy to stumble on two of her notes. Here’s one.


Do not despair
You might be pressed on all sides, keep pushing.
The world might be caving in but hang in there
Keep on keeping on
Because you’re at the brink of your change
Something is about to happen
You are about to birth your baby
The pains you’re experiencing are those of a travailing woman.
You are about to carry your baby.
Don’t get weary
And don’t be teary
Be bold, lift your head up high
And put a smile on that lovely face of yours.
Why are you, so downcast?
Put your hope in God.
The joy that you have was not given by the world
So they can’t take it away.
Remember, to stay in the cleft of God’s Rock.
It’ll be okay.
Laugh at the devil. He has failed.
I love you
And need to see that smile you know a lot of lives depend on that.

Who else!